Monday, May 31, 2010


Jesse Hazelip
Jay Howell
Helen Bayley
Audrey May Erickson
Ruth Swanson
Brian Henderson

Kyle Arneson

...and more to come...just somez of our FRENZZ.


over the next few weeks, 6ALLERY will be not only be posting about the upcoming exhibitions, but posting studio visits, interviews, and fun stuff from the artists and friends that we care about. part of that includes downloadable mixes from the artists as well as our amazing friends. we hope that you enjoy.... here is part 1 of 2 of the first 6ALLERY mix.....copy and paste these addresseszzz for the jamzz...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

6ALLERY is back....

6ALLERY, (Gallery 6, 666Gallery) located at 66 6th St. in San Francisco is back up and running. Our return show will be a solo effort from San Francisco's own Jason C. Arnold. This exhibit will showcase over 30 of Jason's Skate Life series.

6ALLERY is making an effort to be a "paperless" establishment, i.e. no printed show cards that end up in the
landfill. there is always the possibility of some custom poster radness and weird hand made flyer type dealy bobs, but over all, less wasting, more salvaging and recycling.
keep checking back, the new calender is coming together nicely and will be posted here shortly. any inquiries and info, please email us at .
see you soon.